Hair loss can happen for many different reasons for men and women. Sometimes there is an obvious external cause, such as chemotherapy, radiation, or medical interventions of another kind. In other cases, the causes of hair loss can be harder to detect. A closer look at the scalp may reveal that the follicles are fundamentally unhealthy, or that your scalp simply does not contain a clean, nurturing environment for hair growth. By reversing some of these underlying conditions, it may be possible to generate new hair growth.

Our approach to hair regrowth is based in the practice of trichology, which is the brand of dermatology concerned with the scalp and follicles. Trichological principles can be effective in restoring your scalp to full hair, reversing the miniaturization of the follicles, and potentially generating healthy new hair growth. And, all of this can be accomplished with simple scalp care products, never requiring surgical intervention.

The best way to learn about the hair regrowth options we provide at Parisienne Hair Solutions is to come visit us for a FREE consultation in our Greenville, SC studio. We would love to talk with you further about your hair loss, to answer any questions you may have about scalp health, and to advise you on which hair regrowth methods would be best for you.

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