Pregnancy and Hair Loss
09 / 09 / 21

Pregnancy and Hair Loss

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, where a human body produces a living, breathing miracle capable of leaving a mark on this world. As a mama, you may be feeling a mixture of emotions, including exhaustion, and jubilation at the same time. As your sweet babe grows, you may notice many bodily changes like your stomach getting a little rounder every day. Many women also start to notice changes in their hair while they are pregnant, and the changes can continue even for months after giving birth. If you or a mama you know are experiencing changes in your hair texture and you want to know why, here’s what science is saying about hair changes and pregnancy.

First off, it’s important to remember that each mama’s pregnancy journey is different and unique. Each mama experiences different bodily changes at different times throughout their pregnancy and your journey is special and unique. If you struggle with hair loss during or after pregnancy, do not be alarmed as this is normal thanks to changing hormone levels, stress on body, and medical changes.

During Pregnancy…

For some moms-to-be, their hair becomes thick and luxurious during pregnancy. While pregnant, the high levels of estrogen during pregnancy can slow hair shedding which can cause increased thickness of hair. For other mom’s, thinning hair or hair loss can occur during pregnancy due to fluctuating hormones and stress. During pregnancy, the first trimester involves significant hormonal shifts which can cause stress on the body (called Telogen effluvium). This is a fancy term that means your hair is going through an increased shedding phase. It is important to note that hair loss due to hormonal shifts may not happen right away as it may take 2-4 months to each notice thinning. This increased shedding phase does not lead to permanent hair loss.

After Pregnancy...

Congratulations! Your sweet babe is now earth-side, and you are balancing feedings and diaper changes, all while feeling sleep deprived. Your body is starting to adjust to the new normal. Don’t fret, postpartum hair loss is common in many women, and luckily it is not permanent. As your estrogen levels are dropping, your body is going through an excessive shedding phase. Also, the increased stress of a schedule with a newborn can also cause the excessive shedding. This is not true hair loss, as the condition is temporary. However, many mamas struggle with excessive shedding for months, and may be looking for hair solutions in the meantime.

Finding Solutions During and After Pregnancy

There are many options available for someone struggling with hair loss during and after pregnancy. At Parisienne Hair Solutions, we have a complete program to slow down hair loss during and after pregnancy. This program needs to be started at 20 weeks of pregnancy, so call us today to schedule an appointment to start this program.

Capilia Head First

Parisienne Hair Solutions offers Capilia Head First, a hair loss prevention and scalp therapy program. Capilia products by Head First are the natural way to maintain and regrow your hair, made with 100% natural ingredients including milk protein and amino acids. Although hair loss during or after pregnancy is natural and will stop on its own, it is important to stimulate hair growth and to ensure a healthy scalp during this period to avoid weakening your hair. Capilia is a 3-step personalized treatment plan based on the science of trichology to manage hair loss. First, a hair and scalp expert at Parisienne will perform a personal consultation, which includes a hair and scalp analysis. For step two, you would begin a treatment in the salon to provide the best scalp atmosphere for the home program to reach maximum benefits. For step three, you will start a proven home care routine which is important to follow through with. Capilia has many different home care products including a fine and thinning hair shampoo and a serum, perfect to stimulate hair growth. Call Parisienne Hair Solutions TODAY to learn more about this amazing program.

Hair Pieces and Hats

Until your hair grows back, you may be looking for a solution for your thinning hair. Parisienne Hair Solutions has many different options for you weather you are looking for a wig, hairpiece, or a topper. We also have a cute selection of good hats for an easy solution. Also, let’s be real- while you’re in the newborn phase, it may be easier just to throw on a low-maintenance hairpiece already styled and ready for you to wear out and about! We would love to tell you more about specific options perfect for your unique hair journey, so we recommend scheduling a FREE consultation with our team at Parisienne Hair Solutions.