At Parisienne Hair Solutions, we meet women experiencing all levels of hair loss. Some come to us because their hair has just started to thin; they don’t necessarily need a full wig or a comprehensive hair system, but they do need a way to restore lost volume or length. Other women may need a more extensive solution but have not yet decided which solution is right for them. In either case, the answer may rest in hair extensions and hair toppers.

Our Hair Extensions and Toppers

Our team is pleased to stock human hair extensions and human hair toppers that have been carefully vetted to ensure the highest standards of quality. Additionally, we provide toppers and extensions made from synthetic hair, which can look and feel just like the real thing. We can provide hair toppers and extensions in a range of colors and styles. Whether you’re looking for something that will blend in seamlessly with your natural hair, or you wish to get a bold set of highlights, our extensions and toppers can deliver.

Hair extensions are ideal for women who have lost some length, and who wish to augment their naturally growing hair with some extra strands. Toppers can also help restore lost volume and are especially useful for concealing thin spots or patchy hair loss toward the top of the scalp.

Additionally, both extensions and toppers can be excellent options for women who have not yet fully decided whether they want a wig or a custom female hair system, but who want to make sure they leave our studio looking better and feeling more confident than when they came in.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Extensions and Hair Toppers?

Hair extensions and hair toppers can be ideal for women who are in the early stages of hair loss, or whose thinning hair is fairly modest in nature. If you still have plenty of natural hair growth but are not able to achieve quite as much length or volume as you could before, these options may be just perfect.

Hair extensions and hair toppers are meant to be fairly short-term solutions, which makes them a good pick for women who are new to the world of hair restoration and simply want to explore the options. If you ultimately decide to swap your extensions for a full hair system or a human or synthetic hair wig, our team will be happy to assist.

Why Get Hair Extensions from Parisienne Hair Solutions?

At Parisienne Hair Solutions, we are committed to helping our clients restore their appearance as well as their confidence. This means providing hair replacement options of the highest quality and spanning a full range of styles and cosmetic preferences. And, it means customizing all our solutions to meet individual client needs, something we are happy to do with all of our hair topper and hair extension offerings.

Get Hair Toppers & Hair Extensions in Greenville, SC

Hair extensions and hair toppers can provide women with fuller, longer, and healthier-looking hair, helping to conceal the effects of hair loss. And, at Parisienne Hair Solutions, women can find both human hair and synthetic products to accommodate any color or style preference.

Are you ready to try on some toppers and extensions, or to learn more about the hair replacement options that are available to you? We’d love to show you some products, answer your questions, and help you develop a treatment plan. To begin, just reach out to our studio in Greenville, SC to schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation.