There are many potential causes of hair loss, but often, they boil down to unhealthy scalp conditions. Your follicles need a clean, healthy environment in order to produce new hair growth, and if anything impedes them, your follicles may slow down or even stop generating hair altogether. The best way to address this problem is with a trichology treatment. At Parisienne Hair Solutions, we are happy to offer trichology and scalp treatments to men and women throughout the Greenville, SC area.

What is Trichology?

What is trichology, exactly? At its most basic, trichology just refers to the branch of dermatology that focuses on the scalp and follicles. Through an understanding of this scientific discipline, we are able to provide carefully calibrated scalp care products that can restore your scalp to healthy hair-growing conditions.

Our team only uses trichology and scalp treatments that have been thoroughly vetted and proven to be safe and effective. Specifically, we use the Capilia Head First line. When you join us for a consultation in our studio, we will be happy to answer any questions you have about trichology treatment, and also to help you identify the Head First products best-suited to address your needs.