Women experiencing hair loss typically want one thing, and one thing only: A simple but effective way to look and feel like themselves again. For many women, the best way to achieve this goal is with a female hair system. Women’s hair systems can restore you to a full head of healthy hair, and for some women they may be preferable to wigs or toppers.

At Parisienne Hair Solutions, we provide women’s hair systems from some of the world’s top brands. We would love to tell you more about how these female hair systems work, and to fit you for a hair system of your very own.

What Is a Female Hair System?

Most women’s hair systems consist of a simple, skin-like membrane, which is made to feel like a second skin. This membrane is carefully calibrated to match your scalp, ensuring a snug and secure fit. These membranes feel so comfortable that, once you have one applied to your scalp, you’ll quickly forget you’re wearing it.

Into the membrane, a hair professional will insert countless human hairs. These hairs are carefully checked and proven to be high-quality. Once they are positioned in the hair system, they can be cut, colored, and styled however you like.

Benefits of Women’s Hair Systems

There are a number of reasons why women like the female hair system.

  • Each system is tailored to the individual client. Your hair system will be custom-made according to your measurements and per your aesthetic preferences. In other words, your female hair system will be made for you and you alone, providing you with a comfortable fit and with the exact look you desire.
  • Hair systems can integrate your naturally growing hair. For women whose hair has just started to thin, a custom system provides a great way to enhance your naturally growing hair with fresh new hair, resulting in a seamless and full look.
  • Women’s hair systems fit snugly and comfortably. You’ll never have to worry about your hair system coming loose or falling off. In fact, we can provide systems so secure that they can match any lifestyle, including active lifestyles.
  • Women’s hair systems are easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about a lot of upkeep with your hair system; in fact, maintaining it is just as easy as caring for your naturally growing hair.
  • Hair systems for women allow you to get any look. Whether you want to replicate your naturally growing hair or try something bold and new, you can do it with the right female hair system.

Starting with Hair Systems for Women

At Parisienne Hair Solutions, our custom hair systems’ process begins with a consultation, allowing us to take some measurements, answer your questions, and talk in greater detail about your expectations. During this consultation, we can also show you some examples of female hair systems and walk you through alternative options as you wish.

Learn More About Women’s Hair Systems

For women facing hair loss, the goal is typically to find the simplest, easiest, and most natural-looking solution. Often, women’s hair systems represent the best option. Your system will be made for you and you alone, ensuring a secure fit and a beautiful appearance.

Parisienne Hair Solutions provides female hair systems from the world’s top manufacturers, including options in any color, cut, or style. We would love to tell you more about the benefits of hair systems for women, and to fit you for a system of your own. Schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation in Greenville, SC.